Aglife 20 Sets Chinese Fortune Coins Feng Shui Coins I-Ching Coins Traditional Coins with Red String for Wealth and Success, 5 Styles




Product Description

They are modern reproduction of Emperor SHIH TSU currency. In Chinese culture Feng Shui Coins mean Good luck, fortune and prosperity. You can put them into your purse, wallet, pocket, handbag, accounting book or wear them as bracelet, necklace, or hung some in your car, office for good luck.

Material: metal alloy
Coin size: approx. 2.4 cm/ 1 inch in diameter
String size: approx. 20 cm/ 8 inches in length
5 Styles: Shunzhi, Kangxi, Qianlong, Yongzheng and Jiaqing
Color: antique bronze
Package includes:
10 Sets of Chinese coins with red string (5 styles)

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