Chinese Lanterns 20-Pack – 100% Biodegradable, Paper Lantern – Japanese Lantern for Weddings, Celebrations, Memorial Ceremonies – White Flying Wish Lanterns




Color:White Paper Lanterns

Product description

1.Color: White

2. Material: Retardant Paper

3.Shape: Oval

4.Quantity: 20 pcs

5. Gift: Red Chinese knot

How to use

1, Chinese lanterns is made of paper. The paper products are easy to stick together when folded. You must open it gently and open it completely.

2,Tie the wax block in the middle of the iron wire and ignite the wax. It takes about 1 minute to make the wax block be completely burned. This action may require two people to finish together better. One person holds the whole lantern to keep it vertical and the other person lights the wax.                                   

3, The hot air will fill the entire lantern, and the flying light will rise slowly.

This Chinese lantern has been improved several times to solve the problem of easy tearing of customer feedback when opening. We pay attention to the customer’s true feedback, customer first, customer service principle, and strive to customer100%  satisfaction.

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